About Escuela Falcon

Who are we?

Escuela Falcon is a language school with over 30 years of experience teaching Spanish as a Second Language to students from all over the world. We strive to help our students achieve their language learning goals no matter their age or level of spanish. Our vision is to help create an environment where communication, understanding, cooperation and respect exist between people of all countries and cultures.

Why study at Escuela Falcon?

At Escuela Falcon we believe the best way to learn Spanish is to be fully immersed in Mexican culture both inside and outside the classroom. We offer you personalized and flexible learning options. Our programs are designed for all ages and levels and the teachers are trained and have the tools to not only teach the Spanish language but to inspire their students through the history and culture that surround them here at the school and in Guanajuato.

Meet the Team

Carlos Barreiro
Verónica Chávez
Genda Monter
Responsible for Communication and Student Liaison
Alberto Hernández
Alec Misael
Paula Reyes
Diana Alejandra
Katia Sotelo
English Program Coordinator
Ariana Idalí Barrón Gómez
Spanish Program Coordinator
Yolanda Carrillo
J. Jesus Sánchez Gualito
Maintenance Manager
Carlos Aboytes
The Best Choice

What Our Students Say

I definitely recommend Escuela Falcon! The teachers are excellent- patient, supportive, fun and so knowledgeable, the school very flexible, the staff is really helpful. It was cool to be in a community of students wanting to better their Spanish skills. Many returning students, a very good sign!

Stephanie Mano

We spent 3 months in Guanajuato taking classes at Escuela Falcon, and highly recommend. Smart, talented and engaging teachers with a wide array of levels and courses, which you have the chance to switch up weekly depending on your learning goals. The administrative staff is equally excellent and do their best to accommodate your needs. They are also an excellent resource on all things Guanajuato.  EF also offers different excursions/events each week to put your Spanish skills to use as well as learn more about the history and culture of the area.  We enjoyed our time there and learned a lot!.”

Harry John McFadden

My friends and I spent 2 weeks this summer at The Escuela Falcon School. We all loved this school and our Spanish skills improved greatly.

Gary Michael Goldstein

Escuela Falcon

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