Educational plan for the Spanish program

Our Approach

The implementation of different educational plans is intended to expand and meet the demand for flexible learning that some foreign students seek during their trip or exchange. In addition to this, an improvement in the educational experience is sought through content planning and adaptation of teaching profiles to the different plans, covering the face-to-face and online classes.






It is promoted for people who visit for very short periods. It seeks to create a vocabulary guide and how to survive in the city. The grammar is not strict.

Only In-Person modality


The subjects offered are presented, both in grammar and culture and others. The student chooses the load of subjects he wants.

Online and In-Person modalities


There are 3 levels of 3 phases each. Its minimum duration is 9 weeks.

Online and In-Person modalities

Express plan

Ideal for Beginners

- Circumstantial vocabulary
- Personal expressions
- Know how to address and ask
- Experiences
- Simple tenses
- Buying and asking
- Travel offers
- Simple structures: Enunciation and interrogative purchases and orders

Lite plan

For Both Intermediate and Advanced Levels

- Conversation
- Vocabulary
- Grammar workshop
- Literature
- Auditive comprehension
- Mexican Culture
- Painting
- Muralism
- Prehispanic art
- Professional terminology
- Cinema
- Dance

Complete plan


- Phase 1: Who am I?
- Phase 2: Life
- Phase 3: The movement


- Phase 1: Travel back in time: Past
- Phase 2: The experiences
- Phase 3: Planning and projects


- Phase 1: Wishes and doubts
- Phase 2: Hope and regret
- Phase 3: Reflection and practice