Still don’t know what time of year to visit Guanajuato? Don’t worry, in this city there is always something interesting to do, see and enjoy. For this reason we present a small overview of the main cultural events and traditions of Guanajuato throughout the year.


  • Bring in the new year in our city with different offers in the many restaurants in the city, as well as a great popular concert in  Plaza de la Paz, the main square of the city located in front of the Guanajuato basilica, come and enjoy the fireworks that decorate the night sky on that day.
  • January 6th is Three Kings Day, a very popular tradition among the children of Guanajuato, since it is the day they receive toys and celebrate the illusion of magical characters in a great party.


  • February 14 is Valentine’s Day and Guanajuato is the perfect city to spend this date in the company of your partner or closest friends. The city, with its colonial façade, becomes the most romantic setting in all of Mexico. come with your partner, family, or friends and get excited about the legend of the kiss alley (el Callejón de beso) 


  • At the end of the month, on the eve of Holy Week and depending on the Catholic calendar, there is Friday of Dolores, an important date for Guanajuato, as one of the most colorful and traditional festivals among the locals takes place: The day of flowers. Day for lovers, students and all those who celebrate the beginning of spring.


  • Holy week (according to the Catholic calendar) is a good pretext for spring break in Mexican culture. This coincidence is conducive to visiting Guanajuato and living with a large number of students and national tourists who take advantage of the holidays to rest and enjoy the spring weather and the nightlife offered by Guanajuato.


  • This month is very important within the Mexican culture, because during May in Mexico mothers are celebrated. May 10th is  one of the most family oriented  and intimate dates for the locals of Guanajuato.
  • It is on this occasion that you will be able to see throughout the month the processions that citizens make as a tribute to Our Lady of Guanajuato, the patron virgin of the city.


  • At the end of June the summer break begins in Mexico and in Guanajuato a festival with more than 200 years of tradition is celebrated: the traditional festivities of San Juan and Presa de la Olla.
  • It is during the dam festival that an event of great local tradition takes place: the opening of the Presa de la Olla. Courageous men risk their lives to manually open the floodgates of the Presa de la Olla, a ritual to drain the dam and of great spiritual significance for the locals.


  • During this month Guanajuato hosts one of the most glamorous festivals of the year: the International Film Festival in Guanajuato, GIFF. The festival begins in San Miguel de Allende and closes in our city, Guanajuato. Enjoy select screenings in a tunnel on the Underground Street or in the Santa Paula Pantheon, you can also do it in theaters of the city such as the majestic Juárez Theater.
  • In this month you can also witness and participate in a traditional festival known as El Día de la Cueva. A traditional festival that takes place in the mountain closest to the city and the most representative of Guanajuato: Cerro de la Bufa.


  • Take advantage of the multiple activities arranged by the University, the local government and, of course,Escuela Falcon has for you. Concerts, plays and exhibitions in different art galleries and museums are just a few options that you can choose from.


  • September is the most Mexican month as we celebrate the beginning of the war of independence on September 15th and 16th and the first battle of this war that took place in our city. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate, as an authentic Mexican, one of the most important civic celebrations in the history of Mexico.


  • October is the most cultural month in Guanajuato, because in this month the International Cervantino Cultural Festival (FIC) takes place, one of the most important in Latin America. Enjoy  21 days of multiple cultural activities in different forums.
  • With guests from multiple countries and various states of the Mexican Republic, Guanajuato becomes the home of great artists who exhibit their art in all the streets and forums of the city. Organize your trip well and do not miss the possibility of enjoying this wonderful event without equal in all of Mexico.


  • In Guanajuato we keep alive the tradition of honoring our ancestors through the Day of the Dead, we celebrate life and laugh at death. Visit us on November 1st and 2nd and you will be able to learn the tradition of visiting the pantheon at night, see the largest altar of the dead in Mexico on the main staircase of the University of Guanajuato, admire the artistic rugs made of flowers and organic materials to decorate the landscape between  Plaza de la Paz and  Juárez Theater.
  • Also visit the cultural and gastronomic pavilion inside one of the main tunnels of the city. In this pavilion you can taste typical  food from Guanajuato , try some craft beer or local mezcal, meet the exhumed mummies of the Santa Paula pantheon, appreciate the catrina parade and learn more about the tradition of the Day of the Dead.


  • December 12th is a very important date, on this date the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated, a tradition that has survived since colonial times and in which the city is painted in celebration with a popular fair along the Calzada from Guadalupe.
  • Christmas is a holiday that many citizens of the world have in common, and Guanajuato is no exception. Enjoy with your family a Christmas Eve with snacks and typical food of the season and live a very Mexican Christmas experience.
  • Say goodbye to the year in Guanajuato and prepare your wishes and resolutions for the new year by toasting in a restaurant in the city center or in the Plaza de la Paz, in a party atmosphere, music, fireworks and lots of fun.

No matter the month or the season of the year, in Guanajuato there is always something to do every day. Don’t forget that these are just a few events that happen throughout the year and that at Escuela Falcon we are always thinking of an activity for you, your family or your friends. We wait for you in Guanajuato with open arms.